Digital Should be Challenging

26 02 2009

“We need a creative renaissance in interactive advertising,” said IAB president and CEO Randall Rothenberg. The business has “lived under the tyranny of the click for too long,” he said.  “The overarching goal is to make buying online advertising “as easy as television,” Rothenberg said.  Comments regarding the recent 2009 IAB Conference.

Please – the only reason TV is easy to buy is that it is one big cesspool of people.  It is largely untargetable compared to interactive.  Any medium that can be finely targeted is going to be challenging to buy and will require intelligent and well-trained people to do it.  That’s not a bad thing and works in concert with Rothenberg’s “creative renaissance” in advertising.  Going beyond “the tyranny of the click” is going to require more detailed thoughtful planning and buying to be effective and so cannot be simple.

Randall, you can’t have it both ways.  Simple and easy = ineffective planning and buying.  Complex and targeted = effective media planning and buying.  Well, I guess in that context, things are pretty simple.





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